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Finding the Best Kitchen or Best Bathroom Faucet

Let's start by defining best. Best should be what you are most happy with! The overall experience of having a new faucet in your kitchen or bathroom should not be something you regret. Rather, it should be something you relish!


When searching for a new faucet, you will want to keep the following in mind:

→ Looks Aren't Everything: Don't sacrifice practicality for beauty. Obviously, you need to love the look of your new fixture, but it should be something you value. Will it fit in your space? What needs do you have? When considering kitchen faucets, do you need a sprayer, pot-filler, or at minimum: does it need to be adjustable?

→ Lifestyle Is Important: Think about what works for you. There are a few examples below, but keep an open mind when it comes to placement, handles and finish

 Focal Point Faucets: Have fun exploring your creativity and style! At DIY Home Discounts, we carry the rarest and most unique faucets available. Forget about the cookie cutter designs you will find at every other store. Take a look at our unique line right here.

Aesthetics: Make the faucet fit the space, or the space fit the faucet!

 Common Misconception: Cost = Value. Don't be fooled. The market is driven by this misconception. Why pay $400 for a faucet that your neighbor has? Pricing should be fair. That's why we do whatever we can to ensure low pricing on all of our products AND we don't carry the same generic stuff you can find EVERYWHERE else. At DIY Home Discounts, we guarantee satisfaction and we don't overcharge for it! We let our products speak for themselves and we value our service above all else.


For you to be happy with your remodel, find something you love to look at and really love to use.

BATHROOM:Will you be delicately rinsing your finger tips, or will you be guzzling down mouthfuls around midnight? Consider what you are actually using that faucet for. It sounds ridiculously obvious, I know. But buying a small tap that looks nice may not make you happy a week later, when you are struggling to wash your hands under it.


KITCHEN: Will you be able to fit your large cookware underneath the new faucet? Is a sprayer a must-have? We have a line of restaurant-style sprayer faucets right here.

 Looking for pot-fillers?


Types of Faucets

"Wide-Mount" Faucet (see below). The knobs can be placed away from the faucet.

Cheaply made faucets can get too hot and don't control the temperature well. Make sure your faucet is nicely insulated or has a temperature sensing feature such as a color changing LED like this beautiful faucet.

 Modern Chrome Best Bathroom Bathtub Faucet LED Temperature Sensing Tap



Types: Deck-Mounted (counter-top) vs Wall-Mounted: Where's your plumbing and what's your budget?

 Single-Hole: Often single-handled, but some faucets  have the handles converging into a single base. 

NOTE: You can always drill more holes vs. adding a decorative base-plate if needed.

 Wall-Mounted: No holes in regards to this point. These faucets are space saving and eye-catching, but are typically reserved for baths and pot-fillers.

 Center-Set: 3-holes typically 4” from the center. Often the faucets and handles of these sinks come attached to a single base-plate, which  can reduce the chance of leakage down the road

  Wide-Mount: 3 holes further apart. These are seen on wider  mouthed sinks, giving the area more character with handles spaced  farther away from the faucet.

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your room and your budget, but we try to eliminate worrying about that second part and leave it up to creativity! Most importantly, have fun with your space :)

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