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Considerations for Rainfall Shower Heads

When thinking about installing a rainfall shower head...

At DIY Home Discounts, we kicked off the opening of our store by giving away five huge rainfall shower heads. I was very excited to ship these out to lucky winners, but it got me thinking. They were 16"x16", which meant that they needed a significant amount of clearance from the wall. The stainless steel is also super heavy and I worried that the plumbing might not be up to snuff in some of the houses these were going to. 

So, we put together a couple of pointers to make sure people were ready to install these high-quality rainfall shower heads. Enjoy!


Wall-Mounted: Click here to see our options

-Will your wall support the weight? Typical shower arms are bolted into a nice & sturdy wall-mount that is held between the studs.

-You will need to purchase an arm long enough to allow the plate to sit off of the wall. The diagonal of this shower head is 20", so I would recommend something more than 26cm to make any future maintenance easier. See here for examples.

-Is your shower tall enough? These really work best when they can be installed above your head. 

-If starting from scratch, make sure the union behind the wall is very close to flush so that the arm can be screwed fully in.


Ceiling Mounted:

-Again please consider the support. 

-A DIY project requires running tubing from behind the wall and into the ceiling. A hose could be run externally, but this obviously will not look as pretty.

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