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Best Ideas for Unique Bathroom Lighting
Wondering where to place that unique lighting piece you've had your eye on? Maybe you are nervous about trying a bold statement, front and center for all of your guests to see? Or maybe you just need to shake things up around the house. Consider the bathroom for your next DIY!
Bathrooms are typically the victims of bland, cookie-cutter lighting. Often overlooked as a great space for uniqueness, the bathroom can be the perfect place to experiment with your creativity! DIY Home Discounts has put together a few ideas that we hope will help!
Before We Start...
Please, of course, be mindful of your surroundings. If you are installing electrical, it is always best practice to turn off all of the power and test the lines. But, considering we are talking about bathrooms, please take the extra precaution to avoid getting any water getting near your work sites. Stay safe people!
Overhead Lighting
Depending on your bathroom's layout and ceiling height, the choice for overhead lighting can vary widely. If your ceiling is high enough, your best lighting of choice can be a decorative chandelier. Is your bathroom a place for relaxation? Consider something with a dimming feature!
Overhead Chandelier Best Lighting Bathroom Ceiling
Ceiling lamps and chandeliers aren't typically what one thinks of when entering bathrooms, but these are some of the best lighting fixtures available. They are often the prettiest and highest quality in the lighting family and they are more of a unique choice.
Vanity Lighting
Good lighting around the mirror is of utmost importance. Typical bathrooms use wall mounted fixtures, but you can break from the norm with a chandelier here! Think about having a glorious pendant lamp, or ceiling lighting display just above your sink. This style is sure to brighten the space and add a unique appeal to any bathroom.
Best Ceiling Lighting Good Lighting Bathroom
There are more versatile and unique lighting options available as well. A few pendant lamps can be arranged in any bathroom to brighten up your mirror space. Ditch the old look of bulbs popping out of your mirror. Have a look at some of these options and think outside of the box!
Ceiling Pendant Lamps Best Lighting
Best Ceiling Pendant Lamps for Bathroom
Wall Mounted Sconces
This is a category that should not be taken lightly! Pun... Personally, the brightness is always a factor I see being overlooked. The best lighting here for me is something that looks fresh and warm, but is highly functional. If there isn't room for something bright overhead, be sure to make your wall mounted fixtures usable! They need to provide value other than simply aesthetic appeal.
Sconces don't have to be locked up in opaque glass or have some kind of hotel feel. I think traditional lighting always looks like it belongs in a hotel hallway. Edison bulbs are all the rage and our last example shows off a beautiful Edison style sconce with a wrought iron cage!
Wrought Iron Wall-Mounted Edison Bulb Sconce Lighting
Obviously, we are passionate about DIY projects and the beautiful products that go along with them. That is why we created DIY Home Discounts. All of the information contained in our blogs and anything you will find that we post is for information purposes only. You are free to choose where to get your lighting from, but we hope that you would take a look at our collections first ;) Always FREE Shipping and excellent pricing.


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